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A new media company for a new technological landscape. Look for our inaugural Volume 1 to launch on the Ethereum blockchain in 2022 — an NFT magazine of original writing, reporting, art, and photography that will set the standard for journalism in and on web3.

Until then, join the crew assembling on Twitter, Instagram, and Discord. And watch OpenSea — we’re live and rolling out NFT giveaways as we ramp up to launch.


Heist Magazine Vol. 1



Peter Rugg

Chief Executive Officer / Co-Founder

Peter Rugg (he/him) is a career journalist whose work has appeared in VICE, Rolling Stone, The Atlantic, and too many more outlets to name. Beginning with his work at traditional daily newspapers, Rugg’s experience at publications both hyperlocal and national has long involved applying old-school journalism methods to new technologies. He has twice been named a Notable Selection in The Best American Sports Writing. Yes, that is his real last name.


Roxie Magee

Chief Operating Officer / Co-Founder

Roxie Magee (she/her) is Heist’s resident non-journalist and jack-of-all-trades. Her varied work experience includes being director of HR for a school, a business partner at a real estate brokerage, a legal translator, a language coach for television, and working at Apple — all for which her PhD (abd) in Analytic Philosophy & Neuropsychology has prepared her brilliantly. The journey into web3 only makes sense.


Sam Eifling

Chief Content Officer / Co-Founder

Sam Eifling (he/him) is an editor, producer, writer, and video journalist whose work has appeared in publications high and low. His honors include a Sigma Delta Chi for newspaper feature writing; a Fund for Investigative Journalism reporting grant; a Peabody Award as a news producer on Netflix’s Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj; and a sterling silver belt buckle, presented to him by Miss Rodeo America, for chronicling a 4,000-mile road trip with pro saddle bronc riders across the American West for Sports Illustrated.


Jack Forbes

Lead Artist

Jack Forbes (he/him) is the Emmy Award-winning illustrator of HEIST. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Jack graduated from The School of Visual Arts and for more than 15 years has worked professionally as a cartoonist and illustrator around the globe. From Sony Music to Britain's Square Mile magazine, to furry trading card games, he's had his fingers in a variety of artistic settings before landing at HEIST.


Robert Brisita

Lead Developer

As a software engineer and entrepreneur, Robert (he/him) has been helping companies launch products for over 20 years. He has mentored and assessed students in over 1k sessions. Leading him to become the founder of CodeGPS, a user-generated content platform offering a multi-sensory learning environment to teach programming. He is also an advisor and technical consultant to various companies and an enthusiast of open-source software, decentralization technologies, and data rights. To hear him complain about the world, check out his socials @rbrisita.